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Project Description

NANO Therapy


MH-330 Nano Therapy is a skin treatment device, integrating nature’s principle of regeneration with state-of-the-art technology. Skin requires light, water, and nutrition to heal itself. MH-330 Nano Therapy delivers those deep into the skin, increases the effectiveness the natural healing process of the skin.

Those pores that are related with cell generation only accept specific ions to get penetrated. Solutions, such as serums, rather only activates corneum when applied directly on the skin. To overcome this, MH-330 converts those serums into nano-level ions and let those solutions to penetrate deep into the dermis to help cell synthesis.


Galvanic current is an electrical flow, with a low voltage direct current. With positive and negative galvanic current, those active ingredients within the solutions flows into the dermis with the current.

Light Therapy LD

MH-330 Nano Therapy emits specific laser light. The laser light increases the flow of the vessels in the skin and enhance the skin’s natural regeneration. the immune system, and inflammation immunity.

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