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Project Description

Fluorescence Skin Diagnosis System


The Lumin is consisted of UV lamps, emitting ultraviolet rays to a certain range of spots, to make a diagnosis of skin disease infected by fungus. With this instrument, not only skin condition and disease but a wide range of distribution of pigmentation, lipid, dead skin cell, etc. can be thoroughly checked through the fluorescent screen. As a result, doctor and patient can check out the condition of skin in real time together.


Symptom of skin disease in accordance with the color
– Light blue: Normal/healthy skin
– White : Horny layer/dead cell
– Light purple : Dry and thin skin
– Brown : Pigmentation/age spot
– Light violet : Dry skin
– Orange/yellow : Oily skin/lipid
– Yellow/pink : Oily, acne
– Luminous white : Thick horny layer.

Clinical application

– Tinea capitis
– Erythrasms
– Vitiligo/Albinism
– Tuberous sclerosis
– Tinea sclerosis


– Power source : 220V, 60Hz.
– Size : 450(w) x 300(v) x 520(h)mm
– Light bulb : BLB SW tubes(368mm)
– Output : 10W x 4 ea.

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